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Watch repairs

If you were to do that magician thing, and put your watch in a hanky, and wallop it with a hammer, we could pretty much put it back together again for you!

We do every kind of watch repair from simply changing the battery or the strap to fitting a complete, high quality, replacement mechanism. We can change the glass and even replace the seals on water resistant watches. We also have a pressure tank to make sure everything is water tight when we’re finished. We also service watches.

So if something is wrong with your watch pop in and see us. We’ll give you an accurate assessment of the problem and tell you how much it will cost to fix it.

What our customers say

Went in to fix the pins on my watch strap and they gave me two new ones for free! Very quick and accommodating.

David McFarlan

I needed a battery fitted to an old watch that I had, normally I would have headed to one of the local Timpsons. To buy a battery on its own was only £2 at Mac’s and to have it fitted was £5.99.

The battery was changed instantly for me, I would definitely come back knowing that they are cheaper than Timpsons.