About us

Here at Mac’s we repair shoes and leather goods like bags, tack and saddles. We repair watches, change batteries and fit new straps. We engrave trophies, cups and jewellery. We sell quality, commemorative gifts like quaichs, sgian dubhs and hip flasks. We make name plates and signs. And we cut keys for cars, houses, lockers and pretty much anything else!

What Stewart and I offer is a complete skill set that comes with the bricks. Stewart and I have 20 years experience and we firmly believe that nothing is beyond repair. If you’re prepared to pay, we’re prepared to fix it.

That said, no matter how much you love a watch or a pair of shoes, sometimes it will cost more to fix them than they are worth.

But we’ll always tell you straight what we think and charge you what the job is worth.

George and Stewart Rogers

What our customers say

Mac's have repaired several items for me, from mending the strap on a small leather bag and fitting watch straps and batteries, to heels and soles on various shoes and boots. Their approach is very can-do. They will discuss the effect I want and the possible materials to suit. The results have been consistently satisfying. The guys go the extra mile to keep my footwear resilient and comfortable.

I am as sensitive about shoe-wear as I am about my haircut. The most recent job was on a pair of Camper shoes with statement soles. The soles are soft and ridged with colour detail. They haven’t worn as well as I had expected although the leather uppers are still in excellent form.

I thought they were goners until I showed them to Stewart. He suggested a couple of options and we agreed to experiment with certain materials. He has preserved the character and comfort of the shoes, and with a slight further alteration to the heel tip, my Campers are hitting the pavement again with a long life ahead.