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Shoe and leather repairs

When it comes to shoes, if you’re prepared to pay, we’re prepared to fix them! Obviously common sense and economics come into the equation but don’t write-off that much loved pair Manolo Blahniks until you’ve talked to us!

Here at Mac’s we do all the usual things, like replacing heels and soles, but we also do patching and stitching, replacement studs and straps and new heel blocks. We also replace zips in boots and bags.

And if you want something different or special, we’re the guys to talk to. We’ve soundproofed shoes for River City and fitted non-slip soles for Scottish Opera. We also do orthopaedic conversions.

Hospitals will only convert a limited range of shoes for people with orthopedic problems. But we’ll build up the soles and heels on your dancing shoes, your work shoes, your slippers and whatever else you want to bring into the shop.

We also do leather repairs on bags, handbags, tack and saddles.

So bring us your Skechers, Flys, Clarks and Jimmy Choos and we’ll give you a realistic quote for high-quality work done by craftsmen.

Our repairs menu includes:

  • Heels and soles for ladies’ and gents’ shoes
  • Full soles
  • Leather repairs
  • New heel blocks
  • Shanks and linings
  • Patching and stitching
  • Studs and straps
  • Alterations and adjustments
  • Orthopaedic repairs.

What our customers say

My new favourite cobblers! I had two pairs of shoes re-soled, one with Vibram and the other with a Dr Marten's sole. The guys who run the place took pains to explain what the options and limitations were when I took the shoes in. Their work was of excellent quality, and they also charged me less than the agreed price. I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

Paul Edwards

I popped, nay limped, in here to grab a pair of heel grips for a pair of boots. Quick as you like, I'd been given a pair and handed over my money while chatting away. Sneaky man that he was though, was trying to find out what my heel grips were for! Next thing I know, he's handing me back my money and getting me to take my boots off in the middle of the shop so he can have a look at what was bothering me. Nope, heel grips weren't the answer...

He explained what was causing my discomfort and suggested putting an insert in to see if that helped. He's given me something temporary so I've to try them out and see if they work and go back to him after a few days then he'll either work out something else for me or take out the temporary ones and fix them permanently into the boots. With my boots back on, I asked how much I owed him - not a thing! Absolutely amazing service.” *skips off happily...*