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Key cutting and blade sharpening

Key cutting

We have a huge range of blank keys, instantly available including: house keys (Yale and mortice), car keys (with microchips or transponders), security keys, locker keys and safe keys.

We offer a discount on bulk orders. We work closely with local letting agents, businesses and student accommodation services, where providing a top quality service is vital.

You can depend on our workmanship to be absolutely right, every time because we know it just isn’t acceptable for a customer to be locked out of their new home or premises because of a badly cut key.

And if you want a car key cut that is fitted with a microchip or transponder we can do it in-store but it’s usually quicker and easier to do if the car is available.

There are rare cases where we can’t cut a particular key. Sometimes a key may be part of a patented security system where only an approved agent is allowed to supply a replacement. If this is the case we’ll tell you where you can get the work done. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a call-out service either.

So come to the professionals, come to Mac’s for your key cutting needs.

Blade sharpening

A blunt blade is more dangerous than a sharp one whether it’s a woodworking chisel or a chef’s knife. We can make your tools, scissors and kitchen knives as good as new.

Simply pop into the shop and we’ll sharpen them for you on the same day.